TB Tally

Collecting Target Behavior Data made simple. Get more insight with ABC data collection, phase change lines, and medication management.


TB Tally

TB Tally is a professional counter to let you easily track behaviors, and export the graphs in an easy to read format.

A complete behavioral tally counter.


- Option to synchronize your data from SORT.Systems
- Can be viewed in Landscape and Portrait.
- Collect data on multiple individual profiles.
- Add your own custom Target Behaviors.
- Track multiple behaviors from the same page.
- Increasing and Decreasing a count with easy to hit buttons.
- Target Behavior graphs can be displayed by Frequency or by Rate
- Deactivate behaviors once they have been discontinued.
- In-active behaviors can still be graphed for reporting.
- Available offline if no internet connection is detected.
- Option to add phase change lines, both solid and dotted.
- Option to email graphs to yourself, parent, or other individual.